I did a degree course in design, photography and illustration in Bristol many years ago in the ’70s and ’80s when The Police and Two Tone were trendy. Since then I have worked for design consultancies and advertising agencies as a designer. We set up our own agency Tangent in 2000.

Over the years I got to work with great photographers like Terry Donovan and Peter Zownir. I also admire Rankin, Nick Knight and Ansel Adams. I could go on. What matters is I am here because I love what I do.

I specialise in actors’ portraits and photography of interiors for designers, but am flexible and also enjoy pack shots and macro photography.

I hold an enhanced CRB check.

Actors’ portraits

Some guidelines on make-up and what to bring to the shoot

Little or no make up for girls (and boys actually). Please could you bring lots of tops and choices of colours, with a choice of neckline, collared shirts and T shirts. Avoid logos, patterns and stripes. Keep it simple and please remove jewellery.

I am happy to shoot your hair up and down. I will also shoot full length if required, but it is mainly the head and shoulders photographs that are important.

All images and text © David Kerfoot 2013

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